novel writing

I am planning for my first full novel. While I has just a little experience in fiction writing, I decided to improve my experience by try to write a medium length novel. I think it would be about 200 – 300 pages pocketbook.

Most of fictions those I written was focus on very narrow topic. One story is just about one day of a man to go to see his girlfriend late. It very simple so I can write it without any planning. But while I plan for a full length novel, many things are far more harder. I has to plan the story outline, design many character and think about the places in the story.

Currently, I plan the story outline to be about a normal man in a metropolis which had a very routine life. One day, he decided to do things a little different. But the diifference he made brought him into the different world that he never saw.

If nothing went wrong, I hope this story would be finish within next chinese new year.


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