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Twitter Platform

I think about this from a few days ago. From a node in Blognone talking about the price of SMS is skyrocketted. It’s unreasonable expensive, no guarantee in any aspect you message may delayed forever.

@sugree has been develop #jiblib quite a long time. It’s work well and cost competitive.

From my aspect, #jiblib has an extraordinary potential to applied in the realworld other than a global-single-room IRC. :P We’re talking about a low cost and quite real-time data platform.NN

Nowadays EGPRS fee is about 3.5 baht per hour if we use #jiblib to report something like pizza motorcycles’ location, TAXIs, or Trucks.

Use case:

– Tony want to call a taxi to pick him at his home

– Tony call TAXI’s callcenter and tell it his location.

– The callcenter broadcast this message to all associated TAXIs’ driver.

– Serveral  drivers reply back.

– The callcenter check all drivers’ location with the recently report in location.

– The calcenter pickup the nearest one and sent the comfirmation

– Tony now can check the informations about his TAXI through the Web or telephone. The information including ETA, license number, and the TAXI’s appearance.

– Tony got his taxi and go to his destination.

The main advantage is about the cost. The mentioned process may need about 10-100 message which is irreasonable. But with GPRS, it will cost no more than a fraction of baht.